Please check these real-life examples of WhizBase usage:

Magazine Production
Beautiful design of this site shows that WhizBase does not limit designer’s creativity in any way.
Highly resource demanding web site (lots of database calls on every single page) sped up with cashed contents. If page loads slowly, that means that cache has expired (it is European web site which is mostly visited during European working hours), so please reload it (or open any link).
One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in South-East Europe. Full web site is powered by WhizBase with specific solution for „Investors" section. Upon opening URL, WhizBase contacts stock exchange web site, downloads flat file containing history for last 100 changes, converts downloaded file to CSV text database, extracts data for last 30 days and generates graph in Adobe flash.
Web site with extremely rich CMS, enabling administrator to change every bit of web site.
Event calendar
This is an example of leased license and hosted solution. This very simple event calendar that shows schedule of honorable judges in Cochise County was built in few hours, and total license cost is $15 per month.
Jail bookings
Another simple example of leased license and hosted solution – Jail bookings in Cochise County was built for same client as event calendar and uses same license (so total cost for both projects is single monthly fee of $15). It was built in less than one hour.
CCW Solicitors
Fully featured Virtual Law Office with digest authentication and CMS, all powered by WhizBase.